Album Review: Smoke & Jackal, EP1


Side projects can be a way for a member of a major band to kick out their urges to experiment with another genre or style of music without worrying about the ramifications of pissing off their core fan base. It’s been happening since rock came to prominence in the late ‘50s. Neil Young had multiple

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Free Download: Jessie Baylin EP


Singer/songwriter/vocalist extraordinaire Jessie Baylin is coming out with a new record this January titled Little Spark. As a Thanksgiving treat to our loyal readers, we at have a special FREE EP that she recorded with Richard Swift in her house this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know Baylin, this is her

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BNBTV Spotlight: Roman Holiday, “The Long Way Home” Roman Holiday is at it again in all their Kings-of-Leon-y-pop-rock glory.  With their newest single “The Long Way Home”, this Seattle band gives an all-star effort, but unfortunately doesn’t hit a home run (wah wah wahh).  The song is generic and somewhat bland—the only pickup comes with the guitar solo—and the song structure varies

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Listen to The Drums


The Drums is an indie-pop band, by way of Brooklyn, New York. Influenced by bands like The Smiths and Orange Juice, Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham met at summer camp and formed a mutual interest in music. The pair formed Goat Explosion, before separating and succeeding in different bands. Reforming in 2006, they added drummer

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