The Sasquatch! 2011 Lineup is Here!


A larger version of this poster can be viewed at The Portland Mercury Music fans of the Pacific Northwest are in for a treat this Memorial Day weekend, as the 10th anniversary of the Sasquatch! Music Festival in Gorge, Washington promises a myriad of musical legends, as well as your favorite indie bands. Sasquatch! will

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Best Venues of 2010


Voting for the Best Venues of 2010 has closed, but here’s a look at some of the nominees from the category. El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA Earlier this month, Claire Gallagher caught “adorable” Kina Grannis at the El Rey. Claire wrote, “Kina began her set around 10 to a roar of applause from

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Weekend Playlist – Best Videos of 2010


Today we’ll be trying something different for the Weekend Playlist: instead of audio, we’ll be featuring the nominees for Best Videos of 2010. Enjoy! “Bergerac” – Back Pocket Memory: Leona Laurie interviewed the Burbank, CA band in early November. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation: LL: If you had to choose five words to describe

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Weekend Playlist – Best Songs of 2010


photo credit: Sherene Hilal Before we count down to 2011, we’re picking out some of the best songs of 2010. Which was your favorite? Vote now for your favorite song of 2010! “Rope” – ArpLine In an interview with Sherene Hilal, vocalist Sam Tyndall said, “‘Rope’ is one kind of sound that we like. We

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Sleigh Bells are Coming to SB


In the music world, everyone is always looking for something new. We get nostalgic about the past and enjoy the present, but what really excites us always the thought of what will come next. In truth, most new music piggybacks off of ideas that were established long ago, and its rare that we find ourselves

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Live Footage From Local Natives Show They’re Locals, they’re Natives, they’re Local Natives and they are a freakish quintet of preposterous talent. If you can’t enjoy their music, or at least recognize the skillful precision and emotional force of their sound, then you, my friend, probably have something wrong with you. I hate to be so brazen, but their performance

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