Matt and Kim to Play the Henry Fonda on 10/2


When you open any legitimate dictionary and flip to the word “fun,” one of the examples will almost certainly be “seeing Matt and Kim perform live.” The reason that they have earned that spot in Webster’s, and in the hearts of their thousands of devoted fans is that they fill their live shows with a lust for good times that can hardly be matched by any other act. It’s hard to believe that only two people can fill a stage with so much energy. Singer and synth player Matt Johnson is prone to jump up and down on his seat while swinging one arm in a flurry, while somehow still keeping the music shooting out of the fingertips of his other hand. His voice is high pitched and often times child-like, which is the perfect compliment to Kim Shifino’s wild and hard drum lines. She is the Yin to his Yang, and their energy level is permanently off the Richter scale when they combine their musical talents on stage.

When I saw Matt and Kim live at the Wiltern about two years ago, I had no idea who they were or why they had the tremendous honor of opening for one of my favorite Australian electro-pop bands Cut Copy. I wasn’t even trying to get to the show in time for the opening act, but as soon as I heard the first piano chords of “Daylight,” I was so glad that I did. I felt love at first listen with that song, and the hits kept coming with songs like “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare,” “Lesson Learned,” and “Don’t Slow Down.” A lot of time has passed since that show, and although those songs from their album Grand have aged like fine wine and continue to get lots of play time on my iPod, the dynamic duo are on the cusp of a new album release. Their latest work on Sidewalks should be released via Fader Label in early November, and the fist single from that album, “Cameras,” stays on the same track as their previous work with upbeat tunes from the heart.

Matt and Kim have become a mainstay in the indie music scene, and there is a good reason for their rise through the ranks. It would be impossible to leave a Matt and Kim show with anything other than a smile on your face, which is why their fan base keeps growing and why those who have seen them before are always eager to see another show. The pair will be playing at the Henry Fonda Theater on Saturday, October 2nd, which is where you will be too if you are a fan of fun.

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