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Chicago - This summer, The Wild Feathers recorded its first official live album, Live at the Ryman (Warner Bros. Records), at the band’s triumphant, sold-out homecoming show in Nashville, at the fabled Ryman Auditorium on June 25, 2016, which marked the final date of a tour in support of TWF’s acclaimed album Lonely Is A Lifetime, featuring the single “Help Me Out.” Live at the Ryman includes songs from Lonely Is A Lifetime and The Wild Feathers’ 2013 self-titled debut. Limited addition vinyl copies are available now. CDs and digital downloads of Live at the Ryman will be available on December 16th.

The Wild Feathers has become one of the most respected bands on the live circuit today, due to robust songwriting, soulful vocals, and wonderful guitar-driven melodies. The Wild Feathers – comprised of bassist and vocalist Joel King, guitarists and vocalists Ricky Young and Taylor Burns, and drummer Ben Dumas – has rightly earned a powerful reputation for being a brilliant live band. For the past few years, the Americana band has toured extensively, winning over the hearts of critics and fans, world-wide. In fact, thanks to its non-stop touring, in order to write and record Lonely Is A Lifetime, The Wild Feathers had to wedge in breaks, wherever possible, from its incredibly busy tour schedule, squeezing in a weekend in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, as well as a 10 day stretch in Barcelona, Spain. And while touring in support of Lonely Is A Lifetime, The Wild Feathers perfected even further its live performances, leaving the band and members of its team eager to record a live album, and there was no better place to do so than at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Joel King noted just performing at the Ryman was a “check off our bucket list,” so to actually record there was even more amazing. Though, while it was “pretty awesome,” King confessed it was “pretty nerve-racking, too, knowing you’ll have to listen to that forever.” Despite the pressure, The Wild Feathers put on an amazing performance that is presented as is, on Live at the Ryman, with no overdubs, making for a “true, honest recording.”

To celebrate the album’s release, The Wild Feathers will perform a three-night stand at Ernest Tubb Record Shop in downtown Nashville, at 417 Broadway, on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Admission is free with the purchase of Live At The Ryman, as well as an additional item from the shop. With those purchases, guests will receive a limited-edition poster signed by the band, with a different poster available each night. The band’s intention is to support Earnest Tubb Record Shop, a local institution, and Nashville’s independent music scene. Earnest Tubbs has been serving music lovers since 1947, when it was founded by the Grand Ole Opry star Ernest Tubb, first as a mail-order business and then a brick and mortar. In 1951, the main shop moved to its current location at 417 Broadway, allowing for more room, especially for live in-store Saturday night broadcasts. Joel King calls it “an institution” which he feels honored to help support. Each performance will have a unique set-list, making each show magical in its own right, for all in attendance, but for the members of The Wild Feathers, these performances will also bring back memories of the legendary late-night jamborees. King told Best New Bands he imagines it’ll feel like “being a little kid, in your cowboy outfit, playing Cowboys & Indians in the backyard, except we get to pretend we’re back in the 50s and 60s, playing Earnest Tubbs!” Surely, these Tubbs performances will check another one off that bucket list, for the guys of The Wild Feathers and their fans.

The Wild Feathers - Live LP

 Live at the Ryman Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side One:

Help Me Out


Backwoods Company

If You Don’t Love Me

Don’t Ask Me to Change

Side Two:

Got It Wrong

Hard Times


Goodbye Song

Side Three: 

Into The Sun

Happy Again

Left My Woman


Lonely Is A Lifetime

Side Four:


The Ceiling

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Photo Credit: Frank Maddocks

Note: This article was originally published on November 29, 2016.

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