“Everybody Knows” Jeremy Silver Is An Artist To Keep On Your Radar!


The music industry is insanely incestuous- artists collaborating with others and six degrees of seperation later you find out someone who’s produced an album you love is an insanely talented artist himself.  Case in point- L.A. Kids’ (Fight From Above) album producer Jeremy Silver.


Justin Miner (Fight From Above) & Jeremy Silver – musical incest at its finest

His debut album Everybody Knows dropped today on itunes (be sure to check it out) and Silver’s talent clearly goes beyond music production.  His heartfelt tracks are sweet and soothing, perfect lament-worthy music when the mood strikes.

Silver states when asking what he was going for with the latest release, that “there are a lot more electro elements than he had originally anticipated,” and when he goes on to state that he wanted to show another side of his voice, I can safely say he’d accomplished that with flying colors.

As far as influences are concerned, Silver confesses that his main go to selection has got to be Tom Petty, Wilco, Jackson Brown, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead.  Several of the influences are more than a little apparent in his music- Wilco most notably.  As far as the unexpectedly electro pop song (and single) “Goodnight Gracie” is definitely the track carrying the majority of those happy elements, and when Silver said the song was written about a good friend, it’s evident how the girl makes him feel.

I had to agree with Silver when he named “Goodnight, Gracie” and “Awake Again” as his favorites off the CD.  (It should be noted Silver had a hard time choosing- it’s like asking my mother to choose her favorite child.  Most mother’s would have a hard time picking.  My mother however, would choose me, without a second thought.  Thanks mom.)  I’d have to agree with his selections though and have had “Awake Again” on repeat for most of yesterday- it’s soft notes and sweet guitar is just instantly soothing and with the hectic holiday season in full swing who doesn’t need a little self-reflective time out every now and again?

The CD release party will be held at one of my favorite L.A. venues, Hotel Café, on December 15 and I strongly recommend getting over there for a little first-hand serenade.  You can also head to Silver’s facebook to stay updated on the latest and greatest with the artist!

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