Hevy Fest Highlight: The Debut!


The Debut really did make their debut at Hevy fest.  They were definitely the best unexpectedly awesome auditory treat at Hevy fest- who came complete with a few tricks up their sleeves to rock the Redbull Bedroom Jam stage on Sunday! I don’t think these guys have had the chance to rock across the pond

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Bastille Day, Week, Soon- Year!


Dear Sunny So Cal, It’s been two months since I was able to complain in person about the sweltering, suffocating three digit temperatures.  I wasn’t a carmageddon casualty.  I celebrated independence day in the country we declared independence from.  All this in pursuit of great (not good, I’m talking I still have that song on

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Secret Garden Party or High Voltage- Pick Your Poison!


This weekend you have two different options- and staying home isn’t one of them.   With that out of the way you are now set with the VERY difficult task of choosing between heading to Secret Garden Party, or heading to High Voltage- definitely covering two different extremes of the musical spectrum!

Go Big And Go Hevy- Or Go Home!


In about one week’s time I’ll be heading to Hevy Music Fest pedal to the floor style for my second weekend (a double dose if you will) of no holds barred hard rock- because I’m a music masochist and clearly a glutton for auditory punishment! Some of the same bands that graced the Sonisphere stage

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Sonisphere Highlight: Don Broco!


Don Broco was definitely a breath of fresh air on the Sonisphere lineup this year.  Their catchy rock is not only addictive, but dance-able and sweetly sing-sational.  In fact, “beautiful morning” is still on some seriously heavy rotation for me (jamming with it currently!)

Sonisphere Highlight: Four Year Strong!


Four Year Strong had me seriously pumped for the last day at Sonisphere (and note to those that had to RSVP no to the fest- you’ve got a second chance to catch them at Hevy!) and like they always say- third time’s a charm, and the third day most certainly was!