BackStory: Superhumanoids’ “Persona”


In this installment of BackStory, Los Angeles’ Superhumanoids share the story behind their song “Persona.” Catch them tonight at The Troubador!

Persona uses Ingar Bergman’s film of the same name as a reference point to explore the emotions of love, longing, and despair. The narrator in the song is conflicted – a split-personality of types – and changes their-self to please others. By the end of the song, this person regains their own confidence, shedding their persona and the baggage that comes with it.

Sonically, it is very Kraut influenced – the structure isn’t standard pop and there is a lot of vamping on single notes and chords.

Persona from superhumanoids on Vimeo.



verse 1

stranger in the mirror

unfamiliar reflection

slowly start to hear

a change in my inflection


bridge 1

i have changed ive changed

i have changed ive changed




verse 2

you said we couldnt be

you said that you dont know me

the lengths id go to hide

the creature thats inside


bridge 2

i have changed ive changed

i have changed ive changed


bridge 3

well im coming tonight

well im coming tonight


end chorus

i am a human