BackStory: The Details’ “Weightless In The Dark”


In this week’s episode of BackStory Jon Plett of Canadian-based band “The Details” gives us the details on their single “weightless in the dark!”

The song Weightless in the Dark is about two people (in my mind, it’s a man and a woman) who meet spontaneously on a elevator. The elevator breaks down, the two become friends while they’re waiting for the elevator to move again, and then subsequently fall to their untimely deaths.

The truth is, I made the whole thing up. I don’t even really know where I came up with the idea, I guess I just kind of made up a story in my head and then figured out a way to fit it into a song. I suppose at the end of the day it comes off as a bit of a sad song- but to me there’s something really nice about it. The girl in the song is definitely more than a little distraught, and even though the story ends in tragedy, she seems to have made some sort of peace with herself before the story’s conclusion. I don’t know, maybe it was destiny that she met that specific stranger right before she/they fell to her death.

The dark story spawned by Jon is indeed dark, but there’s something unavoidably beautiful about the connection to people form when faced with intense (and in this case, irreversible) situations.

Weightless In The Dark- The Details by Lauren Novik

Weightless in the Dark

I felt I knew you long before you walked into the door

Before the elevator broke on the 97th floor

You never knew your dad, family’s always been a chore

You said religion gave you lots, but Laurel Canyon gave you more


You had tears in your eyes

We were waiting in the dark

You had tears in your eyes

Off the arrow, on the mark


Now you’re running down the hall pushing cameras to the side

Oh how it’s spoken with the sounds that are coming from your eyes

We have methods we have ways and we have aching broken sores

But you said “I am like a wave, and you’re a rocky shore.”


You took a year to decide

We were banging on the door

You took a year to decide

That you were meant for something more


It started with a noise that made us both close our eyes

And as the elevator fell, I could have sworn I saw you smile


But we had tears in our eyes

We were weightless in the dark

We had tears in our eyes

Off the arrow, on the mark


We had tears in our eyes.


Their CD Lost Art is available May 31- and you can keep updated with the latest and greatest by visiting The Details’ Facebook page!