The Details About, The Details!


If you can count on anything when at a music fest, you can count on one week of zero sleep, a little insanity, and a whole lot of chaos.  You’re assaulted for five long days with various CD’s, millions of artists your inner musical masochist couldn’t be happier.  After surviving a music fest North of our border I came home with an insane amount of somewhat unsolicited souvenirs, and wading through the CDs I came across a diamond in the rough of my carry on.  The Details have been on my heavy rotation list ever since!

In a post NXNE haze, I eagerly contacted the band I’d unintentionally become addicted too, and lucky for me Sean Vidal answered several of my need to know now inquiries!

LN:  How’d Details form?

SV:  All of us have played in various bands in the city over the years. The Details sort of formed out of the remnants of a couple different projects.

LN:  Main musical influences?

SV:  It really varies. When we’re working out a new song there doesn’t seem to be any reference too random. I’m pretty sure we’ve borrowed ideas from Enya.

LN:  What’s up for the Details in twenty-eleven, touring, shows, cds?

SV:  This is shaping up to be a busy year for us. The Original Mark ep just came out, so there will be some touring for that. The new album will be out in spring so there will be a couple cross country tours in its support. We’ll also be at SXSW in March.

LN:  You’re stranded on a deserted island can only bring 3 cd’s- pick your poison

SV:  1. Beastie Boys- Paul’s Boutique

2. Tom Petty- Greatest hits

3. Anything from Sigur Ros

LN:  Any pre-show vices or rituals?

SV:  A few beers and a good back stretch

LN:  You’re on the road heading to your next show- one in car snack you can’t live without?

SV:  Spitz Dill Pickle pumpkin seeds

LN:  Currently on the your ipod heavy rotation list?

SV:  Beach House

LN:  Where do you go to find new music on the scene when you’re looking for fresh inspiration?

SV:  Brooklyn Vegan

LN:  What would you do for a klondike bar?

SV:  45 minutes on the treadmill to work it off.

LN:  Closing remarks?

SV:  Keep your stick on the ice

Lucky for all of us South of their border, these Canadians will be at SXSW in March for a little music mayhem and an insane amount of fun.  With their CD dropping this Spring, get to know them now and stay ahead of the curve- no doubt they’ll be the talk of the town very soon.  Stay updated on the latest and greatest and get the Details at!  PS- check out “Paperweights,” sit back, enjoy.