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Goodnight Tonight

Austin – Many kids try to form high school bands, despite the fact that many end up dissolving due to the perils of high school or the travails of trying to navigate adolescence. This isn’t the case for Goodnight Tonight, recent high school graduates out of Kent, Ohio. The band has seen success in their hometown, opening for major acts like Brett Michaels and Twenty One Pilots, and the industry has started to take notice.

The three-piece band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Emily Gambone, drummer Logan McNeil, and bassist Holly Camp have never had a problem balancing high school with playing in a rock band. They started jamming at age 14, inspired by the likes of Fall Out Boy, Paramore and the Sydney based pop-punkers Tonight Alive. Emily Gambone sites Paramore’s Hayley Williams as a major vocal influence, along with Janis Joplin and Robert Plant. These influences show. Gambone’s powerhouse vocals channel Williams with a sultry rock n’ roll sound. The young singer also has a mastery of her range, knowing just when to belt it out as she does on “The Only Thing I Know” or pull back as she does on “Thunderstorm.”

Though they’ve been gaining momentum, the band stays humble and surprised by their own success. “When we opened up for Twenty One Pilots, they came out during our set, trying to listen to us too,” Gambone says. “For me, that hit on the fact that no matter how big they get, they’re still really humble people. I think every artist should be humble and listen to the opening band.”

The band has been working with famed producer Mike Brown (who has worked with Paramore, Saves the Day, and The Ramones) at Lava Room Recording in Cleveland. “I take a lot of pride in that to be able to say we worked with a producer as good as Mike Brown,” says Holly Camp. Brown has done a lot to help the band develop their sound. “The first time we worked with Mike, we were a lot younger and our songs weren’t as mature. We brought in our songs and he made changes and helped us develop them,” says Gambone. “It’s cool because when we came in the last time, he didn’t make any changes so you can see how much we’ve grown.”

Their latest EP, 2013’s Watch the Rain illustrates this growth with six beautifully crafted rock songs that display a musical knowledge far beyond the band’s years. They have a pop sensibility in rock n’ roll terms with ferociously catchy tunes. They’ve been slowly and quietly taking over Ohio but soon—the world. “To have someone sing your own lyrics, it’s really chilling. I remember going through Twitter one time and going through our feed and I saw the lyrics to ‘Poison’ and I just kind of stopped for a second because it was the coolest thing ever,” Gambone recalls. With their burgeoning success, Goodnight Tonight will no doubt be seeing much more adoration in their feed soon. is pleased to present a series of articles about worthy artists that came to us via our Artist Discovery program with ReverbNation, the website that provides over three million music industry professionals with powerful easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online. Look for additional artist profiles in the weeks and months ahead!

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Ilyse Kaplan

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