Don’t Miss At Leeds & Reading: Funeral Suits!


The music offered up to us by both the Leeds and Reading fests are most certainly eclectic- covering the spectrum completely with ample samplings of rock, alternative, pop and the like.  For those that need a dose of something slightly out of the ordinary you’ll get your fill with Funeral Suits- a band sent to satisfy your craving for something different with their sweet sounds of electro-noir!

Their song “health” is chalk-full of foreboding electro elements that hold the listener captive in a dark hypnotic trance-like state of mind- a welcome calm in the midst of a relentless musical storm expected of any music fest.


Lucky for you in attendance of this year’s fests you can get your dose of dark calm when they grace the BBC Introducing Stage on Friday at Leeds and Sunday at Reading- so get ready to see for yourselves stageside!

You can get more info and keep updated with the latest and greatest with Funeral Suits HERE- and make sure you catch their set at either Leeds or Reading (pick your poison!) this year!