Red Bull Bedroom Jam Winner: Page 44!


Red Bull Bedroom Jam has announced the winner and the third of the final three to perform, Page 44, truly blew everyone away with their on stage energy that pervaded the room.  I couldn’t have been happier for all of the talented final three contenders- Acoda, Hill Valley High, and last but certainly not least Page 44!

The room was buzzing with speculations of who would take the lead and by the end the general consensus was that everyone was hoping to see more of their new found fave Page 44, and their wish is Red Bull’s command!

I caught up with the unsuspecting winners after the announcement and the group (looking a little like they’d been struck with some serious PTSD syndrome) was barely able to form a sentence to describe what had just been announced!

The very deserving winners will be touring with the Blackout and you should most definitely mark your calendars to see the next big thing in person, front and stageside!  You can keep updated on the latest and greatest with the group by heading HERE!  To find out more about the Red Bull Bedroom Jam (and maybe plan your own submission!) head HERE!