BackStory: The White Buffalo’s “Oh Darlin’, What Have I Done?”


In this week’s episiode of BackStory, The White Buffalo tells us the story behind his song “Oh Datlin’, What Have I Done?”

“Oh Darlin’” is a character driven, twisted tale of unrequited love. Based on an imagined, very confused man, whom has recently lost his lover. He becomes more distanced and reclusive. Within his disillusionment, loneliness, and loss of faith in God, he begins to kill. He thinks that he is giving his estranged love the ultimate prize, human life. Some how thinking that these one of a kind gifts will once again regain her affection. It all end in a hanging.

Oh Darlin’, What Have I Done?

Wild horses running free
Bareback warriors ride again
Hear the voices from the spirit world
Crying out for the Indian nation
From the sacred buriel mounds
To the happy hunting grounds
Like the moon across the sky
Hear the ancient battle cry
Give the land back to the nations
Let their spirits roam the plains
With the great white buffalo
You were the eagle in the sky
The cunning wolf the running bear
Roaming free from the valley to the prairie
You lived as one on the sacred land
From the river down to the sea

In the wind blowing through the trees
Round the fire dancing high
Hear the ancient battle cry
Guitar solo
The mighty fires burn across the land
The cherokee and the navaho
Call the nations there to be as one
Gather here all you native bone
Join the spirits hidden in the past
Come together for the tribal dance
Many here are prepared to die
For the ancient battle cry
Chorus repeat