Show Preview: Brad Mackeson, Redwood Son, and Glassbones at Portland’s Doug Fir


This week we have a show preview for best-new-band-hunters in Portland, Oregon at the charming Doug Fir Lounge. Local PR company In Music We Trust hosts a local showcase at the Doug Fir each month and we think this week’s selection is worth checking out, especially if you are bored on a Wednesday night and have $5 to spare.

The venue is one of the best places in Portland to take in new bands you don’t yet know or love. The lounge looks like a chic log cabin, with cozy warm lights and intimate tables lining the walls. The atmosphere is relaxed and the people are always interested in the music to be heard. You won’t be distracted by obnoxious drunk girls yelling in this place. If all the stars align, as they usually do at the Doug Fir, Wednesday night should be a great night to check out this local band showcase featuring Glassbones, Redwood Son, and Brad Mackeson.

The sounds of Glassbones are reminiscent of some of the great grunge rock that emerged in the 90s and early 2000s. The classic rock sound is amplified by a strong, gravelly lead vocal and elements of classic folk.

Redwood Son is the new moniker of solo Portland artist Josh Malm, who will release his debut album early this year. On first listen he sounds a bit like a Northwest-grown Jack Johnson, with a positive lilt to his voice and a happy, mellow strum to his melodies.

Brad Mackeson is a Portland-bred, Nashville-based newcomer to the music scene who has a large dose of ambition and a strong sound under his belt. Citing the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and U2 as influences, we can see where his complex rock sound stems from.

If you head over for the show, be sure to get there before Brad Mackeson plays at 8 pm, we have a feeling he will pleasantly surprise some folks. When you get there, grab a drink (a PBR if you want to fit in with the crowd), relax, and take in the local talent.