Casiokids Have The Right Stuff!


When I looked at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide lineup- I was pretty amped on most of it, and I did a little happy dance (literally- their music makes you happy dance) when I saw Casiokids included amidst several other great bands!

I was slightly familiar with their electropop music when I went to check out their set at SXSW twenty-ten.  I was completely blown away (almost literally, it was a complete fustercluck of a dance party) with the room completely packed wall to wall with friends, fans, and music fiends alike that just couldn’t keep their feet still when struck with the tasty tunes!

With Culture Collide in full swing, I caught up with Casiokids gang amidst the assortment of available food truck delicacies, and got to chat one on one with Ketil post impromptu dinner to talk about their equally tasty beats!

BNB:  So where are you originally from?

K:  The West coast of Norway!

BNB:  You’re quite a long way from home right now!

K:  We are almost exactly on the other side of the world right now!

BNB:  How did you all meet?

K:  Well some of us met through studies…


BNB:  So casiokids- very 80s sounding!

K:  Well, it’s all about the Casio keyboards really!  In the beginning it was more ambient, and then we kind of just did our own versions of other people’s music really- we had fun doing our own edits!  One of the first things we did was use the keyboards to cut up “the right stuff” by New Kids On The Block, is it?

BNB:  Is it ever!


BNB:  Well you’ve played SXSW- you’re playing Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide- what’s up next for Casiokids in twenty-eleven?

K:  Well we are heading back to Norway to work on a dance performance that’s going to be presented at a couple of electro festivals!


BNB:  Main musical influences as a band?

K:  Well it’s very different from person to person- but me personally, I’ve always been very into pop music like Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles- more recently the Gorillaz !


BNB:  Well you rocked it last year- can we expect Casiokids back at SXSW this year?

K:  You know, we’ve played it the last two years so I’m not certain- but we’re definitely coming back to the states in March of 2011!

Though one of my new favorite groups is not playing CMJ in about a week- they’re multitasking like it’s going out of style, so check back in at to keep updated with the latest and greatest concerning the new kids on the block from Norway- they’ve clearly got the right stuff!