One On One- Or One Against Four- With Hellogoodbye


Yeah- I’m not going to lie to you.  I was all about the Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn, I did the whole Call and Return thing, I’ve been getting down with Hellogoodbye for a while, so to step into the creative world that spawned so many amazing songs and supplemental music vids was, in a word, cool.

Heading to an undisclosed location in the 8-1-8 (try and breathe- the valley really isn’t that bad believe it or not) I was about to find myself stepping into a conference room with the four members of Hellogoodbye to get the skinny on their new songs, and upcoming tour- which promises to be, you know, kind of a big deal.

LN:  Your last release came out in twenty-ten- “would it kill you” are you on tour promoting that one still, or what’s the deal?

HG:  We were then and now we’re going out again the day after tomorrow.

LN:  Yeah- we’re all getting excited for your show this Saturday at the Troubadour!

HG:  Yeah!  You gonna come?

LN:  Wouldn’t miss it- all the cool kids are going!

LN:  It’s getting close to the ten year anniversary of HG’s origin!

HG:  Yeah…I guess it is- July 4th!

LN:  Well, happy early anniversary!  Any big plans to celebrate?

HG:  Well…it’ll be the 4th of July, so, we’re going to celebrate with our country- it’s a pretty big national holiday.

LN:  Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it before.  Rings a bell.

HG:  So we’ll shoot fire into the sky, ride around drunk on a bike.

LN:  In Huntington Beach- you guys gonna head back home?

HG:  That’s a scary scene- Huntington Beach on the 4th of July.


LN:  So speaking of your anniversary- let’s rewind a sec- how’d HG get together?

HG:  Well I (Forrest) was back in high school and started kind of sequencing things on my computer- made some silly songs just as a joke and we started getting people together and we knew other people that played in bands so we kind of fell into opening for other bands- and it kind of got more serious as it went.


LN:  Back in the day- after the release of your EP- didn’t you (Forrest) have your computer stolen?

HG:  At one point, yeah.

LN:  Did you kinda of lose everything?

HG:  I lost 3 or 4 demos that we’re kind of important- so it was sort of a set back, but it was okay- we lost “all of your love”- we lost the demo of that, and I (Forrest) couldn’t remember what we did with that.

LN:  That would be cause enough for a grade A anxiety attack for me.

HG:  Yeah I lost photos- and we just played a show so I had like an envelope of $3,000.00…

LN:  Sounds like whoever did it hit the jackpot.  Smooth criminal.


LN:  So now you guys started Wasted Summer Records- what made you guys decide to go off on your own and do the whole rec label thing?

HG:  Well it just kind of made sense because we wanted to do everything on our own- and we were kind of doing everything on our own already.  So we were one step away from putting the record out and we were like- why can’t we just do that last step ourselves?  So we can do whatever we want at this point with EPs or singles or even other bands.

LN:  Love it.  Total control freaks.  Are you looking to sign other bands as well?

HG:  We talked about it maybe a month or two ago, so maybe- but we’ve been pretty busy with everything that we’re doing.  But maybe.  Nothing too big really, just stuff that we really like.  We have friends that we’re in a band that are in a new band- so we would put out their 7 inch or something.  Just stuff that we think is cool.  In some instances there will be a band that we really like from Sweden or something and they haven’t put out a record here yet- we’d help with that.


LN:  Sounds like you guys support a lot of local bands.

HG:  We like a lot of local bands, yeah.

LN:  Fave on the scene right now?

HG:  There’s these young dudes which is this band LIMBECK- I have a studio in my garage and I helped them track like four songs- so we were talking about putting out a seven inch for them.

LN:  New meaning to garage band.

HG:  We played a house show a while ago and we had them play too.


LN:  Speaking of house shows- did you guys really do a tour based solely on house shows in lieu of normal venues?

HG:  No- it was in the middle of a tour that we were on and there were a lot of days off so we did about four on our days off.

LN:  That would have definitely been a house party I would have attended.

HG:  They were a lot of fun- probably the most fun shows of that entire tour we’re the house shows!  The tour was great too- but there’s something about having the kids right in your face, and them being super excited, and none of the weird venue stuff.

LN:  Was there any crazy groupie status going on there?

HG:  Not really- but there was a girl with baggy leather pants.

LN:  That seems wrong on so many levels.

HG:  When did that come back into fashion?

LN:  Well- that was never in fashion to begin with.

HG:  Right!?  Leather pants are supposed to be tight.  Maybe she got the pants when she weighed a little more, and even when she lost some weight she was still like, Hey- I like these pants.

LN:  Maybe she wanted to show off her success story!  I can dig it.


LN:  Craziest story from the house party tour?

HG:  The first one we did was pretty crazy because it was at like this straight-edge frat- but it was kind of like these hardcore guys that live in a house and have bands play there a lot and it was just funny because the guys that live there and put on the shows are all x’d up and crowd surfing and doing like crazy moshpit moves.  They had this thing where you would jump off the stairs, onto a trampoline that would then send you into a crazy crowd surf position.

LN:  Sounds like they put a lot of thought into that!



LN:  Ok so you went from house parties to hunting- a scavenger hunt to be exact, which is an awesome idea!  How’d you come up with these fun ideas?

HG:  Wait I heard about that- we’re doing it?


LN:  Now I’m doing the interview so I’m kind of disqualified- but I read the challenges and they sound freakin’ awesome!

HG:  Yeah we set up a little contest for people to win tickets to this tour.  Reading some of the tasks it seems pretty intense- I don’t even know if I could do it!

LN:  Yeah- take a picture in front of a RAV4?!  You’d have to hunt one of those down.

HG:  You’d have to go to a junkyard to find one of those!  Or take a picture of you now and find a picture of you from 5 years ago- you have to travel back in time to get that.

LN:  Challenging, but fun nonetheless!  You guys really love getting your fans involved- which I love about you- what made you think of that idea.

HG:  We do love getting everyone involved- but I (Forrest) didn’t think of that idea- I thought of all the tasks though- which is why they’re next to impossible to complete.


LN:  So you guys have a history of some pretty out there music videos- any ideas for the next one?

HG:  We have some ideas…maybe we’ll do it on tour!  We’re gonna be on tour for a little while so…

LN:  Yeah- and what place are you most excited to hit on the upcoming tour?

HG:  Athens, Georgia.

F:  We’re not going to Athens.

HG:  Exactly.

F:  He’s just excited to be near Athens.  No- we’re going to a lot of cities we like New Orleans, Boston, Chicago…


LN:  But the real question is- will you make it to Austin for SXSW!?

HG:  We don’t know yet.  If you can get us on a cool showcase- or three…

LN:  I’ll get to work!


LN:  Alright let’s head back in time for a quick sec- first CD/TAPE you guys ever remember getting?

HG:  Weezer the blue album & skankin pickle, the Simpsons sing the blues- on cassette, Vindaloo- it was a football anthem from something like Fat Les, Raffi, Megadeath.


LN:  Now- what would you do for a Klondike bar?

HG:  What would I do for a Snicker’s Bar is a better question.  I’d probably strangle someone.  No, no- you’d probably eat a Klondike bar to get to the Snicker’s bar.


LN:  Okay Valentine’s day is around the corner- if you guys had to design a candy conversation heart- what would the Hellogoodbye one say?

HG:  It might say “dunk that f*cking pizza”…


HG:  We can’t say anything about it really- but we did a reality t.v. show thing with contestants and that was his one line.

LN:  Now it makes sense.  I’ll be on the lookout for that phrase to surface!

HG:  Back to our heart…

A:  We could put my number on it.

HG:  We could put Andy’s number on it- but wait- which number- because you don’t seem to have one here in the states?

A:  Well, we could put my email.

HG:  We could have Andy’s email- or screen name.

LN:  So Andy, we’re going to pimp you out is the general consensus.

HG:  Each heart could have a different stat about him, like his height, his likes and dislikes.

LN:  This is sounding much sweeter than online dating, literally.  So ladies if you’re listening…

HG:  He’s English ladies! you heard it here first.


LN:  So now that social networking is such a huge deal- any crazy cyberstalking stories?

HG:  I don’t know- Andy stalks a few people.

LN:  Repetitive Facebook poking?

HG:  What does poking even mean?  I’m always getting poked.  Delete poke.

A:  It’s rude not to poke back after you’ve been poked.  You know my theory on poking.  I’m not going to go into it.

LN:  I think you should definitely go into it.

HG:  Poking is porking?

A:  Poking is porking.


LN:  Time for a serious question- do you have Beiber fever?

HG:  I do- and I can’t get rid of it either.  I wake up in a cold sweat.  He looked it up online- he thought he might have it.  He WebMD’d it!  You know I wonder if it is on WebMD?  It turns out a lot of the same symptoms of Beiber fever are other things.  Like you get naseous, anal leakage…

LN:  Sound serious.  You should seek medical attention immediately.

HG:  So then after you go through all the symptoms it’s like I could have Hepatitis C, or Beiber fever.  Syphilis, or Beiber fever.  I don’t know why people are on TV yelling “I’ve got Beiber fever!”  I would not be screaming that.


LN:  Alright what are HG’s goals for twenty-eleven?

F:  Well I stated on our Facebook that we’re to be the best band ever!

HG:  I think all you can really ask is to be the best band ever.


LN:  Now as far as choreography goes- have you guys taken some lessons from Jersey Shore?  Like do you get onstage now and start fist pumping?

HG:  Well, we did for a little bit.

LN:  Do you have a situation you want to talk about?

HG:  Well, I think there’s a situation in here.  No- there’s nothing to be learned from Jersey Shore.

A:  Except how not to live.

HG:  Well I can get down with t-shirt time.  And Gym Tan & Laundry.  Doing Laundry’s not a bad thing, tanning- I clearly do A LOT of tanning (reader note- he’s paler than most of the Twilight cast)- and family dinner- every Sunday we sit down, and have a family dinner.

LN:  Good values, care of Jersey Shore

LN:  Ok now- what song are you most stoked to play Saturday night at Troubadour?!

HG:  We’re playing a bunch of new songs that we’ve never played before from our new record because we haven’t toured for it!  Maybe “something you misplaced”…

LN:  Closing remarks?

HG:  Just….come hang out!  We’re gonna be on tour so just come out, we’ll play videogames with you, and we’ll play music for you- and we’ll totally be your best friend.

I left the conference room even more excited (as if that was possible) to head to their show this Saturday at the Troubadour. In case you missed it from the above convo- these guys are pretty damn entertaining.  To keep updated on the latest and greatest with the band head to and please don’t forget to poke Andy on their Facebook.  After all, you heard it hear first.