Cœur De Pirate Brings Her New Music To The Troubadour On 9/26

Cœur de Pirate BY Étienne Saint-Denis

Los Angeles – While Béatrice Martin, AKA Cœur de Pirate has toured the United States several times in the past, this year’s set of American dates are the most likely to bear the most impressive results. Fresh on the heals of her third full-length release, Roses, the French-Canadian singer-songwriter for the first time is offering some English passages to her previously exclusively Francophone albums. Obviously, choosing to sing in English adds crossover appeal to international pop stars; this third release could very well be the record that puts her over the top in the United States, even if she never quite reaches the megastar status she enjoys in France and Canada (the latter of which Roses was the #1 presale album prior to its release).

“Yeah, it’s a very huge difference [performing in France/Canada versus the US]. Because in the United States I have more of a – I guess like more of an “indie” following. I have people that have just recently discovered me so it’s less of a wide-range audience. Whereas France, where they’ve seen me for a while, like kids come to my shows. In the States it’s mostly people like my age, 25, 30…-ish. (laughs)”

When asked about the countries’ different responses to her material, she said:

“I mean, with the previous material it was hard to tell because it was all in French, right… but it was all pretty much the same. And now I get to see a difference, you know, see how the single’s actually working…I am looking forward to seeing how it works out.”

Since releasing Roses in late August, Martin has been fairly quiet on the touring front; she has mainly spent her summer making appearances at festivals such as Festival de Carcassonne and Festival de la Poutine, Drummondville. Festival slots typically offer a much different set strategy than standard headlining performances:

“We are just getting started [with the tour]; we played a couple festivals this year but it was…it was festival shows, so it’s like 50 minutes and you play your set with a bunch of old tunes from the previous records and that’s about it.”

Beginning this week, Cœur de Pirate will be getting started with a fairly grand-scaled tour that gives the West Coast a taste of her pleasant piano pop and breathy style of singing. She’ll begin in familiar territory in her hometown of Montreal, but after that she heads to decidedly English-speaking Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and finally Los Angeles in late September. At the end of October, the East Coast of the United States gets their taste of Béatrice Martin with dates in Boston, New York City and Washington. In between those United States appearances are several throughout Canada. Regarding the impending tour:

“I think getting to the tour is pretty exciting. I’ve never done it [like this] before – we have pretty complex projections to actually create an ambiance, which is new…I mean obviously it’s my first time playing some of the cities that I don’t tour in the States. It’s not like big shows, like Troubadour size so that’s cool. The bigger shows will probably be in the spring.”

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Cœur de Pirate Photo Credit: Étienne Saint-Denis

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