Porcelain Raft Manages to Surprise Brooklynites

Porcelain Raft live by Ruby Hoffman

New York – Porcelain Raft, the music project of Italian-born but world-traveled Mauro Remiddi, played a gig at Baby’s All Right celebrating the release of his latest EP, Half Awake. The EP was written and recorded in Greenpoint and is out on his own boutique label Volcanic Field.  Remiddi’s  already  released two albums (Strange Weekend and Permanent Signal) which are out on Secretly Canadian.  After having spent time across the world, his newest EP tells the story of being inspired by “the compassionate breaking with past selves and the places they’ve lived”.  The transcendent nature of Porcelain Raft’s music articulates this message. It’s strange melodic nature was a perfect fit to resonate throughout the venue, soundtracking the start of another Friday night in Brooklyn.

Porcelain Raft has gradually decreased in membership throughout the past couple of years, with Remiddi remaining as the only current member curating his live show.  This is a task the artist fulfilled at Baby’s All Right with impressive results, reflecting the ease with which he guides his sonic variations. His attunement to his instruments and control of diverging moods are an acknowledgment of his superior musicianship.  The set saw the venue filled with typical strains of his “industrial-leaning electro-pop”. Remiddi’s confident lurches between differentiating soundscapes and textures kept the audience both rapt and engaged.  

Remiddi loves to surprise and is apt to revel in unpredictability within his innovative blend of shoe gaze electronica. He took this tactic to drastic measures during a mid-set acoustic break where he performed two songs solely on guitar.  Although this stripped back route was perhaps a nod to his past musings that he’s “attracted to his opposites” as well as of course his pared down lineup (as the sole operator of a lone synth and guitar). There was an undeniable uncertainty in the reaction to the act – 11:45pm at Baby’s All Right is not usually the place you’d find a solo acoustic session in full swing, although, of course, it is a place always rife with surprises.

Although it’s obvious Remiddi takes his craft seriously, his lightness and affable onstage persona make it clear that, as he’s mentioned, performing continues be his highest passion and where he feels most comfortable.  Porcelain Raft’s inclination towards soundtracking and storytelling shone in the bright lights and weird distortions illuminating the venue and perpetuating his music, which now stands two and a half albums deep, and it’s clear to see Remiddi is finding his place in the world while continually challenging himself to move forward and push boundaries.

Catch Porcelain Raft carrying on in intriguing and bold new directions in his new home on the West Coast. He will be playing a few California dates interspersed throughout July. His Half Awake EP, which is out both digitally and on cassette tapes, was released on June 2nd  and is available to order via Volcanic Field here.

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Ruby Hoffman

Ruby Hoffman

Ruby Hoffman spends a lot of time pretending playing French electro house music is enjoyable to the Carroll Gardens moms who shop at the boutique she works at, and also wondering when Jack Bevan of Foals will reply to her tweets.Having recently discovered the phrase ‘trashy electronica’, she aspires to DJ this genre one day, and in the meantime lives a stereotypical gentrified existence in Bushwick, where she spends too much money on vintage clothes, coffee and art books.She has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Manchester, and hopes to be back in England sooner rather than later working for a label, continuing to appreciate weird synths as well as Kanye West, and getting people to care about bands with 100 likes as much as she does.
Ruby Hoffman