Youthless – ‘Golden Spoon’ Melts in Your Mouth


Berlin – Quick! What do you get when you merge a New Yorker with a Londoner? The short answer is musical mayhem. The long answer? We’ll get to that…

Youthless, the trans-Atlantic duo now based in Lisbon, each bring a certain something to the table that collectively their many fans want to feast on, even if they are not absolutely certain what’s being served on the menu.

With a highly anticipated debut forthcoming, Youthless have released the single ‘Golden Spoon’ and the track is definitely sure to whet the appetites of present fans and have many more clamoring for more from this duo. A dizzying drum introduction leads into throttle rock that welcomes vocals that have led to comparisons to other bands but Youthless definitely has a sound that is decidedly all their very own, which is aided with excellent production.

Although relatively new to the scene, Youthless have an impressive curriculum vitae that includes playing with Crystal Castles and The Horrors, and a fresh remix courtesy of Lisbon-based Rory Atwell. With Golden Spoonout now as a free download, it is clear that they are out on a mission to expand their fanbase and reach the next level of acceptance. The new album, which will debut on Kartel Music Group in early 2016 via CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH is already being marked as one of the most anticipated debuts for the new year and for fans already in the know, this is not news to them.

Formed by Londoner Sebastiano Ferrant and New Yorker Alex Klimovitsky (both now residing, surfing and writing in Lisbon, Portugal), the story of Youthless is both surprising and inspiring. Alex plays drums and sings, sometimes even playing synth lines with his free hand, while Sab sings and plays bass through two amps which he alternates between using pedals. They use a selection of weird FX boxes and other toys to create their excitable garage-rock, which sits somewhere between DFA 1979, Male Bonding and T. Rex.

To pick up the story, in 2011 Youthless were recording LP tracks with Rory Attwell (Palma Violets, The Vaccines, Big Deal), opening for the likes of The Horrors, Crystal Castles and John Maus, having their tracks remixed by Olugbenga (Metronomy), and were just about to head to Eurosonic Festival off a wave of buzz, when Alex suffered a serious back injury that ended with him requiring surgery and years of rehabilitation.

All of a sudden Youthless was on hold. Both Alex and Sebastiano took on other projects over the following years, but while Youthless was always in their minds, the project remained on hiatus. Or at least it did until last summer, when the duo came back together, reinvigorated and inspired with a concept for their debut LP that married together both their musical ambitions, their observations on society, and their own personal experiences.

And hell, it was worth the wait. ‘Golden Spoon’, the first single taken off the forthcoming album, is a classic slice of inventive song-writing, with a joyous and hopeful vein running through the inescapably melancholic mood of the track. It’s both an exciting and timely return, and this time Youthless aren’t looking back so much as racing towards that unknown future.

Youthless will release their debut album This Glorious Age in early 2016 on CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH / Kartel Music Group.


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