Preview: Ana Tijoux & Nocando @ The Bootleg Theater


Ana Tijoux will be playing LA’s Bootleg Theater on February 12 with Nocando. We’ve been following Ana for a while, and this is a show worth catching.

When Cornell Wedge caught her in Washington DC last year, he had this to say about her:

The headline performer was Ana Tijoux, and she carried herself as one from the start. She was yet another artist who recited all her lyrics in Spanish, but I could get a better feel for her music than I could for Rebel Diaz’s by the way she performed on stage. I was not alone in enjoying her, as the crowd went into an uproar as she was leaving the stage. The crowd chanted “ENCORE!” and banged on the ceiling (the tall guys) to get her to perform a few more songs, and she responded as an elegant artist and performed a few more songs before leaving again.

Click Here for the Bootleg’s site to grab tickets, and watch the video below to get a feel for her sound…