See The Veda Rays Live at Bowery Electric Tonight


The Veda Rays are continuing to build steam, and tonight they rock out again at Bowery Electric. The band is hot off their CMJ debut, as well as recently being voted Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month, and their experimental art rock is a must see for any fan of the deeper and darker side of rock music, as well as solid musicianship. Inspired by black clouds, life and accidental death, and the westernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle, The Veda Rays will take you through an underworld odyssey that will feel like a fascinating dream that may feel uncomfortable at first, but you don’t want to wake up just yet.

Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays 2011 by the veda rays

The Veda Rays recently released their debut full-length album, Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays, and it‘s the kind of album that’s a slow burner. It could be likened to a well-made film; something you can watch over and over and notice something new every time that makes you appreciate it even more. It may take more than a couple listens to the album for the complexities to really start to sink in, but it only gets better with every spin.

Doors tonight are at 7:30pm, and The Veda Rays are set to play at 10pm. It’s only $8 to get in, 21+.