Album Review: Parallels, XII


Canada seems to be the breeding ground for crunchy electro pop these days, and Toronto-based Parallels may be one of the groups that helped start it all. The synthpop trio formed in 2008, when Cameron Findlay, the former drummer of fellow Canadian electro poppers Crystal Castles, teamed up with vocalist/composer/producer Holly Dodson. Since its inception

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Japandroids Destroy San Francisco


The Independent in San Francisco holds 500 people. It is the premier small venue in the Bay Area. On Thursday, Vancouver sent their premier small band and the two converged in a symbiotic mind meld that turned San Francisco into a place where degenerates, punkers and drunkards were one. I knew Japandroids had a phenomenal

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Ben Howard Sells Out The Troubadour


When a new band or musician tries to win the hearts and minds of the American public, they usually face an uphill battle. When they’re a British band or musician who’s received accolades and fame in their native land, the reality of playing to smaller crowds across the pond can be irritating and at times,

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Wintersleep Set to Tour This Summer


Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep have announced their Spring tour dates, as well as released their new single, “Nothing is Anything (Without You),” which could very well be the soundtrack to your summer fling. It might not be an everlasting classic, but it’ll be stuck in your head for a memorable period of time. This track is

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Artist of the Week: Black Mountain


For the past years, Canadian rockers Black Mountain have made a name for themselves with their dark brand of psychedelic rock. Since forming in 2004, the Vancouver-natives have released three full-lengths, and yesterday, they released the soundtrack to the film Year Zero, relesed via Jagjaguwar Records. Building from the terrific Wilderness Heart, the Stephen McBean-led

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Q&A: Evan Abeele of Memoryhouse


Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken an extensive look at one of our favorite new bands, Memoryhouse. The Canadian duo’s brand of dream pop has won them legions of fans across the globe. Signed to Sub Pop, the band’s album The Slideshow Effect was released last month to much acclaim, as was their month

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