Races and Duniven Play Bardot in Hollywood


Bardot–a Los Angeles club tucked into Hollywood’s dense layout–is swanky.  Swanky like an old-school mansion with dark weaving hallways, swanky like tentatively walking in on some exclusive party, unsure of where you belong.  Old friends met and chatted holding colorful drinks in dim light, surrounding me as I squeezed onto brocaded couches. People old and

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Album Review: The Dead Trees’ WHATWAVE


Yes, The Dead Trees are another Los Angeles bred, skinny-jean wearing, moustache-rocking, grunge garage band hitting the local club scenes (I saw them open for The Whigs at The Troubadour back in 2009).  But, this band stays distinct thanks to their blend of East Coast influenced sound (think more gritty Strokes, less preppy Vampire Weekend)

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