Q&A: Louis-Jean Cormier of Karkwa


It’s been a very solid year and a half for Montreal-based rock outfit Karkwa. After winning Canada’s Polaris Music Prize in September 2010 for their album Les Chemins de Verre (The Glass Pathways), the band has toured extensively in Europe, and played key US dates including SXSW, a packed house at Piano’s in New York

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A Conversation With The Young Evils


  Seattle has had an illustrious history with producing great bands, especially within the past 25 years. The Young Evils are the next band in line to become one of the bands synonymous with the Emerald City. Through hard work, long-term friendships and great music, the band has slowly built a following that’s expanded outside

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Q&A: Star Anna


Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs have had quite an eventful year thus far. Between the release of their third album, Alone In This Together, and playing at PJ20 (Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary concert in East Troy, WI), Star Anna has building momentum towards breaking into the psyche of the music listening public. Having the

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Q&A: Luke Miller of Lotus


Never a group to be pigeonholed, Lotus brings many musical weapons to the stage. From festival stages such as Rothbury, Wakarusa and Red Rocks to theaters across the country the band has left grinning crowds dripping with sweat. Equal parts dance and rock, Lotus has been crafting a unique brand of instrumental rock for the

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Knox Delivers Another Killer Night At Hotel Cafe


When BestNewBands.com favorite Will Knox is in town, you can be sure that we’ll be there. Knox kicked off his five-week tour with fellow troubadour Ari Herstand at the  Hotel Café in Hollywood. Throughout his 45-minute set, Knox sprinkled in songs both old (“Buckled Knees, “Immigrant Hands), new (“Icecapades,” “Bullets”) and newest (“Let’s Rob A

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