Album Review: The Walkmen, Heaven


Believe it or not, The Walkmen celebrated its ten-year anniversary last spring. Over the past decade, the New York-based band has released six full-length records and garnered a devoted fan base, all while developing and perfecting the art of indie rock. Since the quintet released its debut full-length, Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is

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Cults Mix the Past and Present at Wonder Ballroom


As a currency, nostalgia seems to be more valuable than ever.  Thanks to the Internet, the neatly packaged annals of human history are available everywhere, at any time. People are now archivists of this information, with rediscovered art currents blooming in a scattered, but collective renaissance. I’ll admit this topic is well-trod ground, especially from

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Caveman Kick Off Headlining Tour


Caveman is having a great year so far. They spent much of last year building up a big buzz in their home base of Brooklyn and beyond, and this year shows them continuing to live up to that buzz. They recently received a wide release of their debut album, CoCo Beware, via Fat Possum Records,

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Q&A: Atlantic/Pacific


While attending The Pierces concert at the Hotel Café last month, I was fortunate to stumble in a few minutes early to catch the early act, Atlantic/Pacific. With great crowd interaction, catchy and danceable tracks and an overall terrific vibe, the New Yorkers had the notoriously fickle crowd eating out of their palm. To say

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