Overdoz’s “Live For, Die For” Doesn’t Just Think about Freek’N You


Jodeci, the early ‘90s naughty boys who were such fiends they had to be straightjacketed, and R. Kelly, whose raunchiest songs paled next to his real-life freakery, look almost angelic in comparison to Overdoz. Borrowing Ty&Kory’s updated definition of the R&B genre (“Raw & Bangin’”), Inglewood, California, hip-hop/funk group Overdoz’s latest album, Live For, Die For,

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Live to Tell: Q&A with Luck-One


A song like Luck-One’s “More” is why you have to listen to every link that lands in your inbox. Gradually layering steady handclaps, a little Roger Troutman, and strong horns over a shuffling beat, the Portland rapper exclaims, “There’s gotta be more!” But the emotion underneath the question isn’t desperate, and when you read his

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