Introducing our first-ever Artist of the Week LA Font!

LA Font is the kind of band that invites their audience to experience the full spectrum of emotions along with them at their live shows. At any given moment, the entire room could be experiencing heart-racing excitement, angsty adrenaline spikes at the nature of the modern world, and of course the twitching feet of the ones too shy to dance. They have a way of bringing their recorded work to life onstage in a serious way without ever veering into self-indulgent territory,  which is impressive considering the amount of buzz they’ve garnered in the last few months. LA Font played a great run of shows at South by Southwest around the same time they released the music video for the highly addictive “Fine Lines” (posted below),  and fellow Staff Writer Lauren Novik and I attended their high-energy set with Fight From Above at a benefit show in April (for the full review, click here). They recently signed on with Sister City Records, and their song “Ransom” was placed in a Steven Seagal project called True Justice. This month they snagged the much-coveted Monday night residency at Silverlake Lounge, and next week they will be celebrating the release of their 7″ Sharks. What’s really awesome about the video they created exclusively for is that it shows how well their songs translate in any setting: it’s not every day you get to see a hard-rocking, punk-leaning indie band stripped down to just one guy and an acoustic guitar. The songs have the same attitude in their bare bones form as they do fully fleshed out, and I love that the band’s collective sense of humor seeps in around the edges.

In the video above, lead singer Danny Bobbe serenades us in a laundry room (along with a lone fan) with the title track from their full-length  The American Leagues and a brand new track called “Blood Orange”. He urges us to save the whales, bassist Greg Katz does his best Gene Simmons impression, and they finish with a hilarious self-directed interview. The main topic? Laundry, of course.

“Fine Lines”

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can catch LA Font for free every Monday in July at Silverlake Lounge. Next Monday July 11th is their album release show, and what better way to help them celebrate than by dancing and sweating along with them?  Their brand new 7″ Sharks will be available for purchase, and their album The American Leagues is currently available at any price (including $0) on their Bandcamp page as well as on vinyl at their live shows. To stay in touch with LA Font, please follow them on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out their Bandcamp page for previews and free downloads of their music!


photo by Philip Gadrow


photo by Noé Ortega