Little Death Machine: A ‘Healthy’ Dose of Rock

Little Death Machine by Willie Nash - Best New Band

Berlin – For those that were on the fence on the survival of electro-punk rock, fret not. The music industry – and many of its genres – is always subject to peaks and valleys. For fans of a certain sound, there have been questions as to who would arrive on the scene to save rock – specifically the electro-punk sound. With the rise of Little Death Machine, the genre has found a sonic savior. Little Death Machine’s current single “Healthy,” off their soon-to-be released debut EP Dreaming in Monochrome, due out March 7 via Glasstone Records, is just a sample of the aggro-electro to come.

The track, which is shredded to perfection, is a catchy nugget that gleams with grit and intensity. There are indeed a healthy dose of Little Death Machine’s influences in this first release from their forthcoming album, with strands of Björk and David Bowie felt between primal screams and electro-laden riffs. The trio, comprised of Daniel Cross (vox, guitar, programming), Jason Fletcher (drums), and Jamie Kendall (sampling, visuals), have taken not only their homebase of London by storm, but have already generated a following with their live shows. The band recently performed at Future Punk Festival in honor of David Bowie and made it known that the transmedia success is duly earned. Other recent live shows with the bands Queen Kwong and Psychic TV have been a hit with audiences and have made their impending release one that many are heralding as a return to form for electro-rock as a genre, providing the edge that refuses to play it safe or by the numbers. Little Death Machine is set to make their presence known, and after only two weeks since its release, “Healthy” proves itself to be a sonic thrill ride that many will be eager to join, giving listeners much to expect from their debut EP.

Barely a year after forming, Little Death Machine has been hard at work creating their own sound and keeping it authentic to their trajectory. In an era where bands are made or broken on the road, Little Death Machine has taken a grass roots approach to get their name out, striking gold with each live performance. With so many bands utilizing samples these days, this band proves there is an art form to effective sampling and they have discovered the perfect balance between the new and the rediscovered.

Dreaming in Monochrome is set to be an ambitious project: as a multimedia release, the EP will be limited to only 100 copies, with the tracks available on USB and featuring live videos, a band-made screenprint, and a limited edition tote bag. For their core group of fans, this is a perfect “official” introduction to Little Death Machine, electro punk, and the inklings of bigger things to come.

Little Death Machine will soon be announcing an upcoming tour. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for news of tour dates.

Photo by Willie Nash

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