Don’t Miss At Leeds & Reading: Dry The River!


You may remember me mentioning a not so little band from London land called Dry The River. They snaked their way into my heart when I heard them rock an acoustic performance at this year’s SXSW and the hypnotic harmonies were just incomparable!

It’s nearing the end of fest season and though the UK fest season may have snuck in with a whisper- they’re going out with a bang- case in point: Reading & Leeds lineup, where lucky for me I’ll be reunited with my fave folk band DTR who are nothing less than sing-sational.

Since last we met in Austin the boys have been ping ponged back and forth between performing stateside and everywhere and anywhere in the UK in Europe (what a rough life, eh?)  The group have won over crowds at every stage they’ve graced and their latest music video for “no rest” has been making it’s rounds around the world wide web at a jet-setting pace (I myself can’t get the haunting vocals out of my mind!)

Lucky for you, you can catch them at a little fest called Leeds & Reading- you may have heard of it.  Their stellar lineup is well worth the entrance investment and we’ll be bringing you updates of bands not to be missed until the fest starts!  Get to planning, and make sure to rsvp yes to Dry The River’s set!  See you there!