Ariel Pink: Now Haunting with Added Pizzazz!


Ariel Pink is one of the more intriguing characters to emerge recently from the music blogosphere recently. You would think that he might take it easy after releasing and touring his most popular album to date, but he is coming back around already, and this time with Added Pizzazz. His new EP will be dropping on July 9th, and it will feature the lo-fi jazz band Added Pizzazz instead of his regular backing band Haunted Graffiti. Maybe this shouldn’t be any surprise though, because Ariel Pink used to be the king of the basement when it came to eerie lo-fi rock and roll. He wrote and recorded all his own music, playing every instrument and forcing himself to pick up a different backing band in each city while touring. Sounds like a huge pain. Maybe that’s why he is so capable of shifting gears with a new crew and making something that sounds much different than the album Before Today, which was released this month and has been the most successful and accessible album of his to date.

All of this is what makes Ariel Pink’s current direction interesting, but the question is will the new material be any good? I personally think that the single “In the Heat of the Night” is a little too ethereal, especially after listening to tracks like “Round and Round” and “Bright Lit Blue Skies” off of Before Today. Whether you love or hate Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz, it won’t matter if you are catching his summer tour, which will have Haunted Graffiti backing him as usual. For more information on Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti tour and to listen to tracks off of Before Today, check out their MySpace. Click here to download the new single with Added Pizzazz.

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