Blood Red Shoes Walks All Over The Music Scene!


Blood Red Shoes are stepping all over the music scene right now- and lucky for us L.A. kids, they’re heading to the Bootleg Theater Monday, October 18!  (Click HERE for your chance to win tickets!)  Their no holds barred rock is refreshing- (as were their completely honest answers!) and a welcome addition to any music scene!

I caught up with the dynamic duo while they were on the go and found out a bit more about their musical magic, Steven Ansell’s unhealthy licorice obsession- and who shouldn’t be as cool as they think they are musically:

BNB:  You’re album “Fire Like This” just dropped!  What’s up next for Blood Red Shoes?

BRS:  Well right now we’re at the start of our first north american tour,  then soon as we finish that we go straight into our last European stint of the year. It’s always been about touring for our band and I think this year is the busiest we’ve ever had. After December we decided not to tour any more on this album, we’re gonna go straight into writing the next one because we already have some songs coming together and we want to get on it whilst we have that creative spurt.

BNB:  Main musical inspirations- pick your poison!

BRS:  Pj Harvey is very high on the list I’d say, then I’m a big fan of iggy pop and the stooges, and Laura Mary is really Inspired by kat bjelland from babes in toyland. As a band we’re big into hot snakes, q and not u, queens of the stoneage, and a lot of the 90s punk and alternative sorta sound.

BNB:  Any pre-show vices  or rituals?

BRS:  Mostly we just drink a load and then just before we go on, have a big big scream to get psyched up.we don’t run around giving each other high 5s or anything

BNB:  When did you’d realize making music was what you wanted to do in life?

BRS:  I think we both knew we wanted to be in a rock n roll band from pretty young. I can remember wanting to BE Bruce Springsteen when I was 8. And the appeal never really went away.

I think that’s what drew us together actually, that we both had that drive and had wanted to live this sort of life for a long time.

BNB:  Favorite guilty pleasure song to rock out to?

BRS:  We don’t have guilty pleasures. There are things people make you feel like you should be embarrassed to like but fuck that. I really like a load of Madonna records and Laura is currently digging halo by beyonce. Ain’t nothing guilty about enjoying good pop music

BNB:  What songs/artists are you currently addicted to?

BRS:  Laura recently discovered women, the band from canada and we’ve both been getting into them a lot. There’s a new English band called pulled apart by horses who are great, then other than that there’s been a lot of sabbath, the Bronx and led zep on the van stereo

BNB:  how did you form?
BRS:  Well Laura Mary worked in a sweet shop I used to go to a lot, I have an addiction to red rope liquorice, after a while of going in and hearing she always had good records playing, we started to chat and eventually got together for a jam…and that turned into blood red shoes.

BNB:  You’re stranded on an island and can only bring THREE CD’s to get you through the less than beachy-keen good time- which three do you pack?

BRS:  Rid of me, pj harvey

Loveless, my bloody valentine

Rated r, queens

BNB:  The UK music scene or the US music scene?

BRB:  US! We’ve always felt we have more in common with bands from the USA compared to the uk

BNB:  Closing remarks?

BRS:  Yeh fuck the smiths, fuck oasis and fuck paul weller. Just coz we’re British don’t think we’re some drippy jingle jangle indie crap, we’re a fucking rock n roll band and we’re over here to get in each venue and wreck the joint. Thank you good night.

If you have a chance to catch the entirely entertaining duo on Monday I strongly encourage you get your fill fast before Blood Red Shoes stomps straight out of the U.S. and goes on to traipse through Europe!  Keep updated on the U.K. kids by visiting!