Can’t Pay Their Rent But They’re Gorgeous- Semi Precious Weapons


Photo By Brian Bentley

After Semi Precious Weapons (Justin Tranter, Cole Whittle, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne) serenaded the Viper Room press pit with a little acoustic musical treat (“put a diamond in it” got the entire crowd of journalists up and dancing) we snuck back into the dressing room for a little one on one sesh with the morbid-is-the-new-glamour enthusiast Justin Tranter, lead singer of the SPW group!


BNB:  So I have to ask you- you were actually on made were you not?

JT:  Yes, yes I was!

BNB:  Yeah you needed to help home girl out a little a bit!  I may have to sign up too- you said L.A. fashion sucks!

JT:  Ok, I mean, it doesn’t SUCK- it can just be VERY tacky!  Which I LOVE though.  L.A. fashion is based around the Hustler store- which of course is something that I think is fantastic!  I just wouldn’t call it “fashion.”  But, since most of my life is based around really inspiring gorgeous groupies- so most of my songs that aren’t about me…

BNB:  Egocentric much?

JT:  They’re about really really stunning life-changing groupies!  So I love L.A. fashion because that’s where it was born.

BNB:  Tell me about these lyric-clad tights you’re wearing right now- your own?

JT:  These tights have the lyrics to our song “sticky with champagne” all over them- made by a company called Lyric Culture- and they normally do lyrics for like legendary bands- Rolling Stones, Beatles, Prince= we’re the first NEW band they have ever done!

BNB:  That’s pretty cool, engulfed in your own words!

JT:  Yeah this is ALL my handwriting and I was on the plane on my way here and I was looking down and I was like- these are actually an extremely depressing pair of tights to wear!  Here you can see (TRACES A FINGER ACROSS THIGHS & WORDS) like you’d think it’s fun & sexy because it’s “sticky with champagne” okay- it’s her birthday, but then you read the lyrics and it’s like you want to kill yourself!  “She hates and loves and loves and hates everyone.  Every night she cant find the train to get gone, to get her back follow the broken glass- half dead smiling mid lapdance.”

BNB:  Damn no wonder Lady Gaga loves you- I love those lyrics!

JT:  And what makes them even more morbid is that they’re on a piece of fashion!

BNB:  Morbid is the new black?

JT:  Morbid is the new glamour!  And violence is glamour- and I’m glamorous!  I’m just going to continue quoting my own self for this entire interview!


BNB:  What do you miss about NYC- did you fly over here this morning?

JT:  Well we’re on tour with Gaga so we flow- we flow- we FLEW- no we be flowin’- no we flew from Edmonton, Canada- which ended up being a fantastic show!  We played at an arena opening for the one and only LG and then we- sorry, I need some whiskey- and then we played two DJ sets and then we got on the plane here!

BNB:  Miss the music scene in NYC doll?

JT:  Mostly I miss my friends!  I mean, we’re touring with Lady Gaga and now with Lady Starlight!

BNB: Were you worried about her (Lady Gaga) when she leaped offstage and into the crowd at Lollapalooza?!

JT:  No.  I mean- I guess I should have been since she’s now like a big superstar- but Gaga and I have made out on stage and then stage dove manyatime- it was just in 2007 when no one really cared!  So now it’s more of a security risk, but I think that’s what made it so fabulous!


BNB:  Main musical inspirations?

JT:  Umm, my main musical inspirations are very, very odd!  Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, May West, Guns N Roses, Stevie Knicks, Courtney Love!


BNB:  So are you so excited to see Slash today?!

JT:  I am beyond excited to see Slash- did you see my quote about Slash?!


BNB:  Fave preshow vice or ritual?!

JT:  Well before the show because a very intelligent woman I know told me that I SHOULD have whiskey before the show- and she’s intelligent AND stunning- so I had to take her advice seriously.  That’s about it really.  Whiskey and hairspray!

BNB:  Hairspray?!  No eyeliner, any touching up?

JT:  No that’s been done since like 9a.m.

BNB:  Well you look fantastic as always!

JT:  THANK YOU!  Whether you’re at the laundry or whether you’re at an arena- you always look the same!


BNB:  Closing Remarks?!

JT:  I hope you all get laid!


They’ve been known to cause quite the commotion- and the stage dive heard around the world when Lady Gaga leapt into the crowd at their show for Lollapalooza!  The ever-enthusiastic music and extremely dark lyrics are a fresh hybrid of hard rock and poetic no nonsense noise!

They’re currently touring with Lady Gaga and you can get a little up close & personal with JT next on September 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  For more tour dates check out!