Triple Threat Friday Care Of The MTV VMAs!


So MTV VMA madness has engulfed all of the L.A. music scene this weekend, and the insanity expected to ensue is worth every bit of buzz swarming the city.  Kickstarting the weekend in style, three bands will battle it out tomorrow night (September 10) at The Music Box for best breakout L.A. artist!  The three lucky contestants are It Boys!, The Devine, and Steve Liriks, and since one or two musically gifted ensembles is never enough for our we-want-it-bigger-better-and-more Los Angeles residents, The music Box is appeasing our appetites with a triple threat event of music and mayhem.  In addition to the knock-down-drag-out fight, there will be special performances by Never Shout Never and VMA nominee Jason Derulo- as if we needed one more reason to head out tomorrow night.


I suggest you grab your nearest partner in crime and flock to the scene of the, for a little on stage musical ménages a trios promising the perfect way to kick-off VMA madness this weekend.  So far the It Boys! Seem to be where it’s at- but you never know exactly what will happen on stage- so it’s definitely worth the MPG’s to see firsthand rather than read what happened so five minutes ago on a now outdated tweet.


To get a little taste of tomorrow night’s craziness I’ll be heading to The Roxy tonight to check out the It Boys! and enjoy a little preview of what the next night might hold- (so check back at tomorrow and see what I’ve found out!)  In addition to my adventures tonight, our very own Laurel Kathleen will be watching the battle from the front lines on Friday, waiting to see just who has what it takes, and who’s a little better off on the sidelines (for now!)


A little insider tip- doors open at 6:30 and since there’s been so much talk about the VMA kickstart, I’d get there early- guaranteed everyone and their mother will be checking this out, so if your claws haven’t been sharpened and you’re not prepared to fight tooth and nail for a tasty little musical treat, get there well in advance- better safe than sorry!  And, as always, check back in at B-N-B dot com and stay in the know, now!