Don’t Miss At SXSW- Texas Tornado Party (Friday!)


It’s Friday.  You’ve been at SXSW for at least forty-eight hours now, and you’ve slept for about eight of them- in a non-consecutive manner.  You’re finally getting ready to head to your 6th Street haunt, because the musical masochist in you is giving you a gentle reminder that you can sleep when you’re dead.  So onto the next order of business, the most important one- how to get the TGIF party started.  It’s early afternoon, and suddenly an ultra violet light bulb goes off- how about a six hour pre-party sesh?  Of course- you should have thought of it sooner!  Luckily for you there’ll be a two-day tornado blowing through Texas and Friday it’s a mandatory event to boost your prior night’s lasting effects, and get you properly amped for the evening’s future shenanigans!

Now that we’ve successfully decided on a locale (Red Eyed Fly, appropriately on Red River street) we need to discuss details, more specifically music- who exactly will be spawning sounds to soother your now bleeding ears!?  As always, we picked a rocking lineup.  A Silent Film, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Purple Melon, and Vanaprasta will be providing the sweet serenade to recover to!

With outside and inside stages (for those allergic to sunlight, and for those that are self-proclaimed vitamin K enthusiasts!) they’ve pretty much thought of everything to get the party started for you and your sleep-deprived friends.  See you there my fellow music masochists, I’ll be the one running in seventeen different directions- tornados have nothing on me.