5 New Songs We Like: Number 3


Chicago – One of the main goals of BestNewBands.com is to share new bands—and their music—with our readers. And one of our own pleasures is when our writers introduce new artists and new songs to their colleagues. In many cases, it takes just one song to grab someone’s attention…who is this and why didn’t I

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Grouper Dreams Big at Disjecta


“Do we have any knitters in the house?” asked Disjecta Art Center Executive Director Bryan Suereth this past Friday night. It wasn’t until two hands quickly shot up in the audience that I realized this question wasn’t a joke. The second annual Quiet Music Festival would be exactly what it advertised to be: quiet. Until

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Northside Festival Weekend Highlights


The first band of the weekend I caught was Caged Animals at Cameo. This is the project of singer/guitarist Vincent Cacchione, along with his sister Talya on bass, Patrick Curry on drums, and Magali Francoise on synth and awkward dance moves. Together they make fun psych surf pop rock about young love and the New

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