Living Things Kick Start Their Satellite Residency!


Living Things stormed Silverlake last night to kickstart their four week long residency with a bang, and mission accomplished.  In fact, I’m anxiously awaiting their next Monday night mayhem sesh- and I’ve made catching one of their SXSW sets a mandatory obligation! Pre-set insanity aside, Yves Berlin Living Things’ bassist extraordinaire took the time to

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You voted, and we’ve tallied the votes. Here’s the skinny on our final category of Best Ofs for the year: the Top Ten Venues of 2010! In our previous announcement posts, we’ve told you what we thought of the bands, albums, songs, videos, and live shows voted into the Top Tens. This time, we’d like

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Best Venues of 2010


Voting for the Best Venues of 2010 has closed, but here’s a look at some of the nominees from the category. El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA Earlier this month, Claire Gallagher caught “adorable” Kina Grannis at the El Rey. Claire wrote, “Kina began her set around 10 to a roar of applause from

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Weekend Playlist – Best Songs of 2010


photo credit: Sherene Hilal Before we count down to 2011, we’re picking out some of the best songs of 2010. Which was your favorite? Vote now for your favorite song of 2010! “Rope” – ArpLine In an interview with Sherene Hilal, vocalist Sam Tyndall said, “‘Rope’ is one kind of sound that we like. We

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Voxhaul Broadcast Shows Us Timing IS Everything!


Voxhaul Broadcast is consistently rocking audiences in Southern California, and with the pending release of their debut C.D. “Timing Is Everything,” we’re in for several sweet surprises. The band heavily influenced by 60s rock and a little grunge is a breath of fresh air, hitting the music scene with more strength than a dangerously strong

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Countdown To CMJ- Bear Hands!


Disclaimer:  The ever innovative and entirely original music brought to you by Bear Hands can be incredibly addictive if not used as directed, or taken in excess.  We strongly encourage a little over-indulgence in regards to said band.  After all- everything in moderation is something your mother would say. That being said, I stumbled upon

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Q&A: Brady Erickson of The Ross Sea Party


  Having been together since 2009, The Ross Sea Party has been dazzling crowds in the City of Angels with their infectious brand of indie-rock. The quintent has recently been in the studio gearing up for the release of a full-length. In between writing and recording, caught up with singer Brady Erickson to talk

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