Interview: Andrija Spicanovic of VVHILE

VVhile live

Berlin – Founded in 2011 by Andrija Spicanovic and Stevan Cirovic, VVHILE is a punk rock band that has done what many bands in their native Serbia have managed to do as of late, escape the boundaries of their small eastern European country and make an impact throughout Europe. Blending elements of experimental and pop

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Vladimir Releases ‘In My Head’


Berlin – When one thinks of bands that spark their interest, usually the bands are those that have made an impact over years and years, spanning countless albums, singles, and tours across the globe. Although exceptionally young, Vladimir is a band that packs a substantial sonic punch, already boasting of a stage presence that has

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Getting To Know More About Mess Me

Mess Me

Berlin – Up-and-coming artist Mess Me is currently burning up dance floors throughout Europe with his track “Keep On Coming” (and its worthy B-side complement “Selector”), and as soon as one hears his dark EDM, it is clear that Mik Santoro, owner of Ampispazi Recordings, has met a kindred musical spirit that is a perfect

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Little Simz: She IS the Edge

Little Simz

Berlin – These days, it is never certain where the next musical act to break through to massive stardom may emerge. With the advent of modern technology, less power for major record labels, and the increased creative leverage that artists now wield, a new commodity on the musical horizon is sometimes sitting right under one’s

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