La Boum Fatale Releases “No Tongue In Cheek”

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Berlin – With the release of his debut album, Holygram, set for release April 8th on Sinnbus, La Boum Fatale has released a single that seeks to satiate the appetites of a fanbase that eagerly awaits his full-length project. La Boum Fatale is the alter-ego of German producer and musician Antonio de Spirt, and since the release of his first EP Damwild, his musical realm has arguably shifted to include a new palette and agenda.

The single “No Tongue In Cheek” debuted on March 11th. The single serves as sonic commentary on the current state of dating and our collective culture of connectivity. Courtesy of Danish pop singer Asbjørn, who provides the perfect merger of vocals to La Boum Fatale’s instrumentation, it offers ambient synth beats and melodies that definitely elicit moods that are introspective at certain points and wide-open in others. The “No Tongue In Cheek” single release also includes remixes with the artists 9b0, Matvrak, Kirrin Island, NGHT DRPS, Liam Black, and Austin Edward, utilizing their collaborative efforts to great effect.

Since relocating from Hamburg to the musical epicenter of Berlin, it is clear that the spirit of experimentation has influenced the work of La Boum Fatale, and after producing remixes for bands like Hundreds, Me And My Drummer, and others, his vision for his own work showcases the musical adventure that his fans have come to expect. With “No Tongue In Cheek,” Asbjørn poses the question to listeners that demands an answer…

“How does true love blossom when we have become so individualized?”

After “Walls,” the first single released from the upcoming album Holygram, ”No Tongue In Cheek” goes rogue with a decidedly dark delivery of electronica that maintains the intensity in production, giving listeners another glimpse into what is to come. Throughout his career, La Boum Fatale has sought a musical path that consists of an exchange of creative sensibilities and his debut album is sure to be a reflection of what he has picked up along the way collaborating with such a diverse mix of artists. Through his coming work with Asbjørn, another element of his style is on display, giving listeners an adventurous ride across six distinctive remixes. The track listing to “No Tongue In Cheek” is as follows:

1. No Tongue In Cheek (Original)

02. No Tongue In Cheek (Austin Edward Remix)

03. No Tongue In Cheek (9b0 Remix)

04. No Tongue In Cheek (NGHT DRPS Remix)

05. No Tongue In Cheek (Liam Back Remix)

06. No Tongue In Cheek (Kirrin Island Remix)

07. No Tongue In Cheek (Matvrak Remix)

La Boum Fatale is currently touring in support of the single “No Tongue In Cheek” and the upcoming album release. To find out where he will be performing and additional dates to be announced, follow La Boum Fatale on his social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Photo Credit: Miguel Murrieta Vasquez

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